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Vertical/ Horizontal Distillation Unit

Model : AVHD-1


Product Description:

It has been designed keeping in view customer requirements and easy serviceability of the equipment. All Quartz Double Distillation consists of demountable Upper And Lower Boiler. The Lower Boiler has a built-in heater enclosed in a Quartz Boiler with a Cup on top. The Upper Boiler has a built-in Quartz coil and Condensing unit which is mounted on the boiler with the help of Ball and Socket joint. Double-walled condenser ensures separate condensation of vapors coming from the two boilers using a single cooling circuit. The unit is mounted on a specially designed powder coated stand and is also provided with the Automatic Safety Control Unit. This new Dual – Safety cut off has been designed for better and accurate control of the distillation unit. It has been incorporated with advanced Microprocessor-based electronic circuitry. This has the latest electronic technology that has been introduced by our company which gives an easy user-machine interaction. The alphanumeric LCD which has been used which shows all messages that correspond to the running of the machine. Also, there is an alarm system that beeps as and when user attention is required.

Product Specification

Material Glass
Capacity 2 Ltr /Hour, 4 Ltr /Hour & 10 Ltr /Hour
Usage/Application LABORATORY
Design Type Customised
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece