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VDRL Shaker

Model : AVS-01


Product description :-

VDRL shaker is an essential equipment for a Venereal Disease Research Laboratory, were it is used for the mixing of syphilis testing card, emulsion reaction, and complement fixation reaction while can also be used to blends of clinical diagnostic tests requiring gentle agitation. AICIL designs and manufactures VDRL Shakers that are compact, durable and offer fixed as well as variable speed controls and can accommodate wide range of VDRL Slides, Small Flasks, Bottles & Beakers.

Our two models of VDRL orbital shakers or VDRL rotators fulfill requirements of rotating plane shaking for a wide range of applications. These systems are economical in price and are supplied with a number of optional accessories and adjustments to specifications in order to make them suitable for specific requirements of your test.



Compact design, durable construction Smooth mixing
Platform with holder clamp and springs Heavy duty motor
Highly balanced drive mechanism Non-slip rotating base
Ideal for serological & syphilis tests Uniform speed




Model AVS-01  
Platform size 325 x 325 mm 325 x 325 mm
Speed Range 70 to 210 RPM  
Can Accommodate VDRL Plates, Small Flasks, Bottles & Beakers
Power 220 / 230 volts
Optional Accessories - Automatic timer
- Digital RPM Meter with proximity sensor
- Spare platform with rubber discs
- Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure