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Vacuum Tissue Processor

Model : AVTP-10


Product Description:-

Microprocessor Controlled Carousel Tissue Processor Provide Gentle And Highly Reliable Specimen Processing. For Faster And Substantially ImprovedSpecimen Processing, This High End Instrument Is Equipped With Vacuum Unit For All Wax And Reagent Station.

* Broad Digital Display.
* Feather Touch Keypad.
* Battery Backup to Retain Data.
* Cycle Time Can Be Feed From 1 Minute To 999 Minute For       Each Station.
* Second Specimen Transport Basket Can Be Load To Process     Double Of Tissue Sample.
* 2 Or 3 Electronically Controlled Paraffin Bath.
* Selectable Vacuum Condition For All 12 Station.

Product Specification

Model Name/Number AVTP-10
Country of Origin Made in India
Paraffin Bath Capacity 2 Ltr.
Delay Function Yes
Vacuum Condition Yes/ Selectable
Program Storage 9 Programs
Agitation Rotary as well as Up/Down
Weight 28 Kg (approx)
S.S Basket 1 No.
Operation Automated With Microprocessor Controlled
Capcity 100 Tissue Cassettes
Reagent Beaker 10 Nos.
Paraffin Bath 2 Nos. (Electronically Controlled)
Beaker Capacity 2 Ltr.
Safety Device yes



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