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Tray Dryer

Model : ATD-01


Product Description

Tray Dryer offered by us is used for diverse drying applications like food, electrodes, bakery, plastic powders and drying of pigments. The dryer is used in the industries where drying and heating are the essential parts of the manufacturing process. Outer and inner chambers made of CRC sheet duly power coated. Temperature range frome 50° C to 205° C + 5°C fitted with heavy duty motor blower assembly . available with provision to hold various capacity / no of trays, but supplied without aluminium / S.S trays (Option). (price without trays)

Product Specification

Model Internal Dimension(mm) Tray Capacity /Supply Heaterload 
ATD-01 430x840x650 8 3.0 KW
ATD-01 430x840x915 12 4.0 KW
ATD-01 915x840x915 24 6.0 KW
ATD-01 965x1275x1450 48 10.0 KW
ATD-01 965x1700x1450 96 20.0 KW