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Tissue Embedding Station

Model : ATES-3


Product Description:

Tissue embedding center and colling plate are used to embed pathological tissue. it is also used to cool the tissue or zoological and botanical tissues after embedding. The advanced control microprocessor have been appkied to this machine. it has functions of temperature control locked on 5 parts,and multiple over - heat protection devices. Users can decide time of power on/off by functions by timing power on/off and perset time of the week. tissue embendfing can immediately commence as soon as paraffin block melts.

  • Paraffin reservoir: 3-5 litres capacity.
  • Sparate temperature control with range of 45°-70°, steps of +/- 1°C
  • Warm - up time prior to operation:1 hr
  • Cassette bath : one 
  • Mold warmer : one 
  • Separate temperature control with a range of 35-70°C Steps of +/- 1°C
  • Capacity : 100 Cassettes

Tecnical Specifications:

  • Working Temperature range ambint to 15°C
  • Quick specimen colling.
  • Chilling area for approxumately 60 cassettes specimens
  • Digitally controlled thermostats
  • Environment friendly refrigerant 
  • Normal voltage AC 110V/220V @ 60Hz/50Hz