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Table Top Vertical Laminar Flow

Model : ATLF-01



Product Description:


The Table Top Vertical Laminar Airflow Bench provided by us facilitates easier installation and has lower needs for maintenance. This bench is acclaimed for its sturdiness.
Features:- Larger bench size - Highly sturdy design The Laminar Flow Cabinet can be made of S. S. Instead of mild steel at an extra cost . Price on request.


Product Specification:

Model No. Working Area HEPA Filter No. of HEPA Filter
ATLF-01 W/M/S2'x2' 2'x2'x6'' 1
ATLF-01 W/M/S3'x2' 3'x2'x6'' 1
ATLF-01 W/M/S4'x2' 4'x2'x6'' 1
ATLF-01 W/M/S6'x2' 3'x2'x6'' 2
Supply Filter imported minipleat HEPA filter with hot melt tecnology, which conforms to EU-14 Grade, with an efficincy rating better than 99.999% for 0.3 micron
Pre- filter pre- filters are made from non-woven synthetic with HDPE mesh; conforms to EU-06 grade, with an efficincy rating better than 95%down to 5 micron
Motor Blower assembly Motor blower designed of statically" and dynamically balanced for supply of sufficint capacity and static pressure to take care of airflow requirement for entere life of HEPA 
Prwssure Gauge Dwyer make magnehelic Gauge(0-25 mm :1 nos ) to monitor pressure drop across HEPA 
Lighting fluorescent light (250 lux0 at work surface
ON/OFF Switches SS ON/OFF Switches for motor & lights
Control Panel Electrical control panal mounted in unit 





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