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Semi Automatic Microtome

Model : ASAM-01


Product Specification: 

  • Ergonomic design, compact dimensions, vertical guidance by zero- backlash and mainten free cross roller bearings.
  • Electronic precision feed mechanism with stepping motor technology
  • Especially smooth running hand wheel. one hand quick clamp change.
  • Fine orientation with one hand quick clamp change. 
  • Specimen rectraction during return travel, can be turned off. indication of all relevant information such as section thikness remaining travel of the specimen feed as well as time and date. reduced number of button intuitive operation.
  • Patented and ergonomic operation of the specimen feed with veriable speed adjustment. indication of cutting parameters, can be switched over to large indication. 
  • Large Section Waste tray, covring the enterire working  area.
  • Ergonomically optimized operating elements for non tring usege.
  • Design with highhest demands concerning operational safety and ergonomics.