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Quartz Distillation Unit

Model : A-QDU01


Product Description:

In the All Quartz  Distillation is the components coming into contact with water are quartz glass parts which,contrary to ordinary laboratory glass are non-hygroscopic and thus resistant to H20. These properties warrant the high purity requirement a distillate must fulfill. Fail safe devices like solenoid valve avoids cold water wastage during power failure, the optimization of cooling watervolume is controlled by a cooling water flow meter, in addition to this the equipment is fitted with PTS which maintains sufficient water to the boiler.

Product Specification:

Distillate Temperature 60°C - 75°C + 5°C
Stages Available in Single or Double Stage (as ordered)
Construction 304 grades stainless steel
Power Supply 220 Volts
Optional Accessories - Electrical dual auto-cut-off system
- Optical Beam Sensor for controlling fluctuations in boiler water level and boiler pressure
- Water Flow switch to control water level
- Audio Alarm Light Indicator
- Quartz Storage Vessel for collection of distillate
- Additional Bulb Condenser to minimize the temperature of the distillate
- Water Softener for bottom Boiler input
- Solenoid Valve to stop water flow in now power
- MCB to prevent short circuit