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Paraffin Dispenser

Model : APD-02


Product Description 

The paraffin dispenser with a digital display have high heating performance and a percise terperature regulation unequalled by other instuments in this field. The meterial is dispensed through the heated dispenser nozzle. it serves to avoid the complicated and time- consuming  melting of paraffin using bunsen burners, ovens or pots and helps saving space in the laboratory.

Paraffin dispenser allows melting and keeeping in temperature 05 liters of paraffin at digital controlled temperature 05 liter of paraffin at digital controlled temperature. its melting system, rapid and constant, prevents any harmful thermal shocks to the molecular structure of paraffin. in this way paraffin maintains its features of long time. through LCD display control penel, you can visualize persetting temperature through the menu function. Reservoir filter screen prevents coarse particles from blocking the nozzle tap.

Product Features:

  • Paraffin Dispenser is a unit designed for paraffin of differnt meltig points and purpose.

  • 05 litercapacity with a consantly heated paraffin dispenser nozzle. 

  • Paraffin Dispenser modules represent typical modern and ergonomic design of the histology product line and inclide an easy to read and user friendly control panel with led display.
  • Digital timer of auto power on/off.