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Linen Change Trolley

Model : ALT-2


Product Description :-

  • MS Tublar frame mounted on 10 cms dia castors.
  • Three made of MS sheet.
  • A canvas bag fitted on front side.
  • Epoxy powder coated finish 
  • Also available in complate stainless steel model.
  • Aristo aerosol disinfector compact model, ideally suited of decontamination of operation theaters, wards in nursing homes, pharmaceutical labs & production units, animal houses in sericulature industries etc. instantly converts liquids formalin droplate remsin suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration and decause of penetrating properlyensure the cumbersome process involve in the conventional method of fumigation can be easily operated even by a ward boy asingle unit can sterlize 250 cubic ft in just 30-60 minute. suitable to work on 220V single phase 50Hz AC supply. available in aluminium and stainless steel body in folloings capacites
  • A: 1.5 ltrs
  • B: 5 ltrs


  • Machanical Timer



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