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BOD Incubator Shaker

Model : ABI-45

AICIL BOD Incubator Shaker

Product Description:

BOD Incubator is specially designed to meet the requirement for incubation of Bacteria to decompose organics matter in waster water. It is used for biology, Botany, Virology and Oceanography. Water pollution, sewage, agriculture, food and research departments also use it. In addition to this, it helps in preservation of vaccines. It provides a wide range of conditions for study of synthesizing organisms. Temperature ranges from 5 Deg C to 50 Deg C, is attainable within the cabinet to the study the growth of organisms under tropical or temperature and summer or winter conditions. Temperature is controlled with an Electronic Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator with an accuracy of /- 0.5 Deg C or better.

Product Spacification:

• Model no. ABI-45

• Temperature Range : 5 Deg C to 50 Deg C

• Accuracy : /- 0.5 Deg C

• Power Supply : 200-220 Volt A.C. 50 cycles.

• Inner Chamber : Made of Stainless Steel 304

• Size of chamber : 510 x 830 x 410 mm (WHD)

• Volume : 173 liters - 6 cu ft

• Volume : 421 liters - 15 cu ft