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Automatic Tissue Processor

Model : AATP-1


Product Description

Automatic Tissue Processor is designed to prevent a solution to the rapid processing of tissue in Histology Laboratories. MPTP removes all the water from a tissue sample and replace it with para???n wax with optimum speed to curtail damage to the tissues caused by dehydration and shrinkage.

Product Specification

Model Number AATP-1
Capacity 100 tissue cassette per Basket
Temperature Range 50 - 65 Degree C
Automation Type Semi-Automatic
Number of Notch 1
Voltage 240 V


  •  Empower to do most potentially hazardorous procedures on just a click.
  •  System is prudent and well guarded.
  •  Design is stout and proposes unswerving performance on smallest space.
  •  Astonishing price versus performance ratio.

Product Details:

  •  Safety device for Tissue in case wax not melted the basket stop at the station 10th – 11th till the temperature is not attained.
  • Trouble free and maintenance free.
  • Heavy gauge used in fabrication of body.
  • Wax bath stainless steel inner outer with Te???on coated wire used in heater with best quality heating wire with thermal cut out of 75°C.
  • External body powder coated to avoid chipping and anti rusting chemical used all moving parts moving on Ball bearing oil sealed.
  • Not much maintenance required.
  • Main motor used Korean Geared motor to avoid vibration and sound.
  • In case of emergency side lifting handle provided to take out Tissue basket in case of Electricity failure.
  • The instrument microprocessor controlled with adequate memory to save and retrieve at least 6 user selectable programs.
  • Rotary head have a lock out facility at the end of run to prevent basket moving from station 12 to station 1.
  • Have 10 stations with organic solvent resistant lipless beakers of 2 litre capacity.
  • Have a minimum of two temperature controller wax baths of 2 litre capacity.
  • Have individual programmable timing sequence for each station from 1 min to 6 hrs in increments of 1 min and programmable delay start time of up to 99 hrs.
  • Retain cycle information in case of power failure to continue processing on restoration of power.
  • The basket automatically be lowered into the nearest station in case of power failure during transfer of tissue basket from one station to next.
  • In case of power disruption during a cycle, then an error msg indicating the station in which there was power failure and the extra immersion time spend by the basket in the station will be ???ashed.



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