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Automatic Knife Sharpener

Model : AKS-02


The unit automates the process of manual knife sharpening to eliminate unevenss of the surface and ensures an equal bevel angle by moving the knife to and fro and automatically reverses the same at regular intervals. The unit consists of sturdy housing having a synchronous motor coupled with a gear systemto achieve the task.

The unit is also provided with a transparent hinged cover to prevent desposition of dust etc. on the glass plate or moving parts. the knife holder along with knife comes in contact with the ground glass honing plate smoothly to prevent any damage to its surface while reversing it. An adjustable 0.60 minuts timer to do sharpening for a preset duration is a standard feature.

Technical Specification:

  • Dual center less grinding technique for uniform rinding
  • SCM program control.
  • Buffer adjusting mechanism for turning knife.
  • Automatic disc leving.
  • Convenient loading and unloading for knife.